How to Choose the Best Car for Your Family

Family car

Looking for a family car is somewhat trickier; you need to consider many things like economy, reliability, and safety

Finding a balance between availability, preference, and utility is difficult when shopping for a family car in a flooded market. That’s mainly because it’s vital to distinguish between the essentials and items you can compromise to ensure you are satisfied with your purchase. 

There are a few critical things you must consider when buying your family car.  They include

  1. Safety

Safety is essential, but when you add your family, it becomes even more paramount.  Most modern cars have decent safety specs, so you should not have too much trouble finding one that is safe enough.  

Besides the airbags, most cars offer reverse cameras, blindspot warning, brakes assist, Automatic emergency braking, and many other features. This way, your family is protected when on the road giving you total peace of mind.   

  1. Budget

Do you have a budget set aside for a family car, or are you ready to spend any amount of money?  Budgeting helps you look for a model within your range with plenty of space for your family. 

Before you search for a car, think ahead and put up a thoughtful budget. Don’t get carried away and overspend because you will still spend more on fuel. Once you have a budget in place, now take time and search for the right car.  Would you want to import a clean one or buy it locally?  Sometimes it’s good to weigh both options and see what gives you better rates.  

  1. Functionality

What features do you want in your family car?  How many seats, child’s seat safety belts, infotainment system, doors, etc.?  

All these features make the car enjoyable to all family members because it is serving their needs.   

  1. Seats 

You must consider the number of seats the car you choose offers.  For example, if your family is growing, there is no point in buying a five-seater and have all the seats filled, yet you have a new arrival on the way.  

Think carefully about how many seats you need both now and in the future.  You will find that most SUVs have rear folding seats that can be there when you need them.  

  1. Space

Besides the number of seats in the car, think about all the extras that go alongside your family.  These are things like prams, shopping, bikes, etc. Cars with spacious boots like the Mazda Demio with a capacity of 579 liters are enough to accommodate luggage and extras for the rest of the family.  

And don’t forget the rear seats can fold to make more room. 

  1. Reliability

This is a must to consider when choosing a family car. The last thing you want is a breakdown in the middle of the road with your kids onboard. Yes, breakdowns happen, don’t get it wrong, but you can avoid them. How? By buying a newer car with fewer mechanical problems and low mileage.  

This is a car that will serve you longer without breaking down. Nearly new cars are a great option and sometimes will even cost lower if you choose to import yours. You can get the make and model with lower mileage and no mechanical problems, saving up to 20% of the original price.

  1. The Number of Doors

The number of doors is critical if you are choosing a family car. You will need at least five doors to avoid children climbing through the front doors. Five doors are easy to get people in and out of the car without much hassle.  

They also help strap the child’s car seat or young children to their seats. Sliding doors are also great but must be supervised by an adult. 

  1. Economical

Last but not least, you must get a car that favors your pocket by offering you low fuel economy.  A good fuel economy is anything listed as less than 6L/100km or more than 16.5km/L.  

For example, a Honda Fit has a fuel economy of 24.6km/L; this makes it an efficient vehicle with lower running costs.


Now that you know the critical factors to consider, your work is to find that car that stands out for your family. But using the above considerations, it will be easier than not knowing what exactly to look for.  All the best in your search!