A Startup for Matchmaking Life Partners

    Africa has a dominantly youthful population. Many of them are looking forward to getting married. Unfortunately, a big gap has existed on the market for far too long that needs fixing. This is fortunate for you as an entrepreneur
    It’s often said that the most important decision you will ever make in your life besides choosing your career is deciding the person you will spend the rest of your life with. Getting married to the right person is so much better than choosing to remain single as you can achieve so much more in life as a couple than if you had chosen the lonely path. On the other hand, getting married to the wrong person can lead to a life full of regrets that will completely drain you hindering you from achieving even a fraction of what you will have managed had you chosen to remain single. Are people meeting the ideal partners for themselves? The reality is divorce rates on the continent are on the rise, the baby-daddy baby-mama trend is fast infesting the African culture, and way too many people are stuck in marriages they regret getting into. Can we leverage technology to help alleviate this pain? Happy families are the foundation of a prosperous society. It is for this reason that this startup opportunity is appearing as the first one among all the 20 covered here since addressing this problem could have the greatest positive impact on society.

    Let’s look at the design of this startup. This startup is meant for people with the sole objective of being in a relationship that will lead to marriage. Not any other objective. That’s the least addressed niche within the entire dating/social market. Finding people with this similar exact objective is a real pain point. Firstly, the many dating apps available in the market—Tinder, OKC, Bumble, Meet4u, etc—have been infiltrated by people with commercial interests seeking one night or short-term gigs. They have many fake profiles making those platforms unsuitable for those seeking genuine serious partners. Most people are still depending on offline methods which have been the norm over the years. But these are largely based on luck more than anything. You see, people have been sourcing for their life partners from within their circles. This could be through friends from school, colleagues at work, neighbors from their neighborhood, relatives from the extended family, or fellow church members. If the person turns out to be their perfect partner for the many years they have enjoyed in marriage then it’s simply by good luck that their perfect partner happened to be within their circles. For the rest of the population, their partner is the best they could find from within their circles and if their union ends up regrettable they were simply not as lucky. The question then becomes how do you increase your luck surface area? Do you have to stop & talk to every guy/girl you meet on the street, corridor, gym, supermarket, bar, club or concert? But then, no one walks with the word ‘Single’ printed on their forehead. Also, some people are not comfortable with being approached by strangers on the streets. Can we use technology to improve the odds of meeting your ideal partner by a factor of magnitude? Interestingly, human beings have figured out a way to pack 11.8 billion transistors into an iPhone chip, and how to precisely navigate a spaceship to land on a drone ship in the Atlantic Ocean while its payload docks at the International Space Station, but are completely super clueless on how to help people meet their right life partners/dock them to their soulmates. You know why? It makes perfect sense, financially, to put the smartest people in a lab and bankroll them with unlimited funding to figure out how to develop the best chip, but it is not financially lucrative to put the best brains to research on how to help humans find their most compatible partners. That’s capitalism—allocation of resources is prioritized on what will make the most profits, not the welfare of humanity. Only when Tesla proved it was a financially viable venture did you see all the money pour into its stock, not because it was trying to tackle climate change. That’s digressing. But it leads us to the most important part about this startup that cannot be ignored—its business model. For it to survive the world of capitalism, it must make sense financially. The design of this startup is closely intertwined with its business model. As a new entrant to the market, it must overcome all the shortcomings of the current players. First off, this startup will be a hybrid of both the online and offline worlds. Therefore, cases of fake profiles and catfishing like it happens on Tinder/FB/IG will simply not be there. Certainly, this shortcoming is not present when using match-making agencies operating in this market, however, the scope of these boutique businesses is quite limited. This startup will make it work at scale resulting in a better product offering for everyone. Let’s now cover the full details about this.

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