PataTutor, an e-learning solution to launch in Kenya

PataTutor, an edtech startup, will launch Kenya’s first ever education-based online marketplace in Nairobi at the end of August 2020. The web app will allow parents and students to find, compare, book, and pay for affordable, verified, and professional private academic tutors.

“Teachers and students will have their lessons online (one-on-one or in groups) in our integrated online classrooms on the web app,”says Kevin Odol, Ceo of PataTutor.

Since Kenya reported its first case of Covid-19 pandemic, the government shut down schools and colleges among other measures to contain the spread of the virus. Students have now been forced to stay at home with no alternatives for learning. But with the app, students will have an alternative for learning virtually during the pandemic. It will also help Kenyan teachers who have been had-hit by the pandemic to earn on the platform by providing teaching opportunities virtually.

How it works

  • Live online classrooms integrated into a web application.
  • Variety of lesson types: one-on-one online tuition lessons, online group lessons, and one-on-one in-person lessons.
  • Learners with special needs will also be able to use the platform to book lessons with teachers trained to meet their specific needs.
  • All tutors are shortlisted, vetted, interviewed and have their qualifications and experience verified before being approved to teach on the platform.
  • Ratings and reviews for teachers.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Secure payment for lessons via Mpesa can be done directly on the platform

Unique proposition

PataTutor platform allows teaching to take place in a live, online, interactive classroom.

“In comparison to the online meeting platforms currently being used to teach online in Kenya, PataTutor’s integrated online classroom has been designed specifically for making the teaching of subjects much easier, especially subjects like mathematics, physics and chemistry,” says the Ceo.

Parents/students will be able to seamlessly find, compare, book, and pay for a one-on-one session and group classes with our tutors in less than 5 minutes.