Mobile app enables shoppers to earn and save cash during Covid-19 crisis

One thing is certain this COVID season – people are planning their spending properly and would not mind saving some extra cash . Well, there is an app that puts cash back into consumers’ pockets just for shopping for essentials and other products.

Moot, is a new cash back app that works anywhere in Kenya, allows shoppers to earn cash rewards which are sent to their M-Pesa wallets whenever they purchase staple items on their shopping list, regardless of which brand they buy. Moot app will deliver cash back for routine purchases in different supermarket categories, including fresh produce, dairy, breads, grains and more. Moot empowers consumers to receive rebates while preserving their freedom to choose which brand to buy and where to shop.

“For the first time ever, consumers can shop as they normally do, wherever they prefer to shop and get cash back, into their M-Pesa,” said Moot’s founder David Olilo. “Moot covers most of consumers’ shopping lists with no restrictions or requirements. There is no other program out there that lets you choose the things you already buy and get cash back on them.”

Shoppers simply download the free Moot app onto their phone (or visit the website), browse their favorite products, unlock rebates, go shopping and verify their purchases.


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