How to position your business online

By Liz Kisyanga

Free method to make your business appear in top results when searched online gives business owners & investors a golden opportunity to position themselves high on search results when a client searches for related business and products online

• It is a free service that also allows enterprises to market themselves for free thus increasing chances of meeting new business prospects and cement their customer base

• Apart from your business’s name and description, lets you add images and directs clients on your website and social media pages

In this digital age, nearly all businesses are offloading most of their services on the digital platform in a move to drive up sales and expand customer base.

These enterprises are trying to squeeze all the juice from interactive avenues like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter where they can introduce themselves to prospective clients and strike new deals.

The three platforms have proved invaluable for many businesses since they provide almost free advertising and marketing space to startups who may not cough thousands or millions to secure expensive newspaper, TV, radio or outdoor ads space.

But come to think of it this way, in case someone is looking for a given service/business, for instance, a cake maker/seller in Nairobi or Kisumu, they are likely to search for it directly from a search engine and not via social media.

The search results are usually localised. The customer, according to online dynamics, will certainly click or be interested in the services of the firms that appear high on the list.

How businesses position themselves high/first on search results:

To get such high placement, a section of investors fork out a lot of money to buy such space from search engines like Google, Bing, Baidu or among others. However, the smart ones have learnt a new cost-effective method which only requires them to upload their business profiles on .

It is a timely solution to ensuring that your business appears first in the search results that a person gets when they search for you or businesses related to yours.

Uploading your profile on is absolutely free and thus cost-effective for smart and cost-conscious business owners/investors.

Business profiles features include the name of business, contacts, description, images, links to your website and social media platforms and location.

Easy steps on how to upload your business profile on

Step 1: Register/sign up
Step 2: Click on ‘Post your Biz’
Step 3: Fill in the Slots and Submit

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