How Long Does it Take to Import a Car From Japan to Nairobi, Kenya?

By MHH International-A prestige car importer

It’s not surprising that the most frequently asked question we hear is ‘how long does it take to import a car to Kenya and how does it work?’ This article explains the simple steps involved in importing a car from Japan to Nairobi and the typical timings involved so you will have a good understanding of when you can realistically expect to be driving your car home.

Before Your Car Leaves Japan.

Once you have decided on the car you want, the first step is to send a deposit to your importer so they can secure it for you.  Once payment is received, the car can then be collected and transported to the nearest port. Here is it put through the QISJ inspection (mandatory for Kenyan imports). Once this inspection has been passed, the shipping booking can be made. Sometimes there is a little waiting depending on when the next boat is leaving to Mombasa. The car is then taken to the CFS and loaded ahead of the boat departing. While your car is shipped to Kenya, we ensure all key documents are DHL’d to our Nairobi office for safe keeping.

Car Import Process from Mombasa to Nairobi

When your car reaches Mombasa there are several important steps to complete you import and registration. Our delivered service to Nairobi takes care of the customs and duties process, radiation certification as well as the registration.

Delivery to Nairobi

The delivery to Nairobi sounds very straightforward. But at MHH International we are committed to our customers receiving their car in excellent condition. So once your car arrives it has a mini service, any minor scratches that occurred along its journey are repaired and finally we give it a valet. This way you receive it in first class condition at your personal handover in Nairobi. This may not be the quickest way to deliver a car. But we believe in going the extra mile for our clients and to present our cars as you would hope them to be. We want MHH clients to be delighted by their car. Afterall it is such a significant purchase, it deserves that extra care.

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