Debbie Larry-Izamoje: Connecting Brands to Consumers

Debbie Larry-Izamoje, founder, Image Boosters

Debbie Larry-Izamoje holds Msc. in management from UCL (University College London) and a BSc in Information management from the University of Sheffield. She is passionate about Africa and its underlying wealth of digital opportunities. In the following interview with StartUp Magazine, she talks about entrepreneurship and how she helps brands connect with consumers online and offline in various industries through her thriving startup business-Image Boosters.

How did you get started?

Immediately after my postgraduate studies I worked for a couple of months in a strategy agency in Lagos, Nigeria and branched out because of the need to focus on the over 200 millennials that formed my community ‘The Entrepreneurs Best-Friend’ on their professional journey through curriculum vitae, interview coaching, and career workshops. But that was not enough for me, during consultation sessions I noticed that a lot of people needed to learn how to leverage digital marketing for their businesses or just communicate online and this was a problem Image Boosters was created solve. Image Boosters which I founded is a Digital Marketing and PR agency in Lagos, Nigeria.  We connect brands to consumers online and offline in various industries leveraging digital opportunities in local markets.

When did you decide to take a stub at entrepreneurship?

I get asked this question very often and I wish I bookmarked the exact day I decided to be an entrepreneur. Unfortunately, I do not have a date in my calendar I just know that I discovered that there was a community of people that needed me and I could not give them my full commitment until I had kicked off the business fully. I took some time out to study, to grow my knowledge of entrepreneurship and the market in Africa. It was after this that I decided to go fully into running my digital agency.

What does your company-Image Boosters-do?

Image Boosters was created out of the need to help SME’s communicate better in Africa. IMAGE BOOSTERS is a Data-Driven Digital and PR Agency that was founded in 2017. We work with leading brands and businesses by leveraging digital opportunities in our local market. We are strategists, creators, designers and PR experts with a mission to connect brands with consumers online and create digital experiences for millions. We are a team of young, passionate, hungry creatives that constantly endeavor to break from the norm and ensure that the stories we create not only shape the world beautifully but also adds value and empowers Africans as a whole.

How would you describe your main duties and responsibilities at the company?

My main duty is to ensure that the quality of work that Image Boosters offers to its numerous clients is up to standard , quality and value is what we strive to achieve at all times. I also ensure that the company’s goals and vision stay alive and that we continually adding value to its audience. I do what I can to make sure that clients are happy and also employees stay motivated, while also checking for new frontiers and terrains that we can overcome across Africa.

What is the importance of branding for an individual or company?

At Image Boosters, we believe that your brand is your identity. Your brand goes way beyond a memorable logo or great use of colours, your brand sums up the promises, expectations, memories, and stories that you want to resonate with your customers. Great branding is about making a personal connection with your target audience which will, in turn, provide your employees with direction and motivation. This is why we take the corporate identity development of our clients very seriously because we know how important it is to get it right from the onset.

What role does your company play in shaping the above?

So far, we have been able to help several small and medium scale businesses discover, learn and grow their businesses to be sustainable using our vast digital marketing and PR efforts. We look forward to utilizing our prowess beyond the shores of Nigeria and leveraging on the diversity that exists within the African tech space. We have be part of building the foundation for so many businesses through our services and telling their stories effectively.

What important tenets of entrepreneurship have you learned as a young business woman?

Always stay true to yourself and your values. People will never forget who you are and what you stand for. I believe that a good name is better than wealth or riches and this has been my driver since the inception of my businesses.

Where would you like to see your company in the next few years?

I hope to see Image boosters getting the recognition it deserves for the great work we have carried out over the past years. I hope that we would have worked with more African companies and be known for our ability to tell the stories of SME’s digitally. We are also aiming to be the go-to digital hub for brands and business looking to succeed and enter the Nigerian market especially. Most importantly to create more job opportunities where young, vibrant, out of the box thinkers can thrive.

Do you have anything else in the pipeline?
Image Boosters will be launching an innovative product in a few months which will be a game changer for digital marketing and tech across the board. This product will allow for better collaboration for startups across different African markets especially those looking to communicate and thrive in the Nigerian market. We encourage readers to sign on to our email list on to get more updates

What do you do when you’re not working?

My favourite thing to do when I’m not working is watch a good movie or reflect. Due to my busy schedule, I barely get time to myself where I can reflect or just watch a good movie. I try to take time out every week for a lunch date or to the cinema. I’ve come to understand the importance of rest as an entrepreneur and I do so whenever I am chanced.

What is the single most advice would you give to a young woman entrepreneur looking up to you?

Do not rush the process. Celebrate every little win as if it were a massive success. Always trust your instincts and never operate from a place of fear. Ensure you read a lot and you have enough knowledge about your industry and its trends. With all this, the sky will be your limit.