How TalkLift helps businesses engage with customers through social apps

Felix Cheruiyot and Moses Korir, founding partners at TalkLift

Globally, chatbots are gaining more popularity than ever. They are redefining new ways of how businesses run marketing, and have become the latest addition to every brand’s bag of strategies. With nearly everyone now operating social accounts, chatbots offers businesses huge advantages from customer support to lead generation.

Locally, TalkLift is revolutionizing how businesses are selling online and engaging with their customers. The platform helps business convert user interaction into sales opportunities through the use of chatbots. “With our chatbots, you can run sales campaigns on social platforms, engage users and close leads faster than ever before,” says Moses Korir, a co-founder and head of business development at TalkLift.

The technology provides an easy way for businesses to manage conversations with their customers from different communication channels. It also allows businesses to offer instant responses to queries through in-built Artificial Intelligent powered Chabot engines. “The idea is to offer more personalized customer experience and have customer issues addressed within a given time frame,” adds Felix Cheruiyot who is a technical lead and co-founder at the firm.

They say the technology was necessitated by the problems faced by small and medium enterprises in communicating with their clients. “And given that many people in Africa are using social media platforms more than any other media on a daily basis, it is the easiest and the right platform to get in contact with consumers.”

“It is also relatively affordable compared to other media platforms,” he explains.

“Our platform has different capabilities,” says Felix. “It is user friendly and clients can create a profile and get a customized or generic template based on the product or brand you want to promote.”

How it works

From the dashboard, a client can create a contact list from his interaction with clients on social media such as comments, likes and followers. Since the platform is connected to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, one can send bulk messaging to all potential leads. This can be in the form of new products arrival, special offers, responses to frequently asked questions and sales enquiries among many others.

TalkLift is automated and messages such as images, videos and texts can be send to clients instantly. You can even schedule an even for a later date. Admittedly, one can segment a contact list to offer personalized services based on a customer need and preference.

A client can further analyze data and key metrics gathered on the platform to build better relation with clients and even run effective social media campaigns, says Moses. “You can know which product is selling out faster through customer’s orders, comments and feedbacks. You can also use their feedback to enhance your product offerings and many more possibilities.”

System integrity

“We deployed robust security measures to come up with a very reliable platform. And the fact that we met Facebook’s key security metrics and they approved our integration, it underscore TalkLift’s integrity,” says Felix who studied Computer Engineering from Kenyatta University. He has worked with various industry players including and Kenya Apps Network before partnering with Moses to form Biashara Bot in 2016.

They rebranded to TalkLift after a year with a focus on global adoption of the technology.

Moses holds Bachelor of Science degree in Actuarial Science from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.

Since starting out, over 50 businesses have/are using the platform. “Our platform has been vital in helping them create unique selling processes, generate leads and increase revenue over time,” says Moses.

Despite TalkLift’s organic growth over time, they are still faced with challenges of creating awareness about the importance of chatbots in marketing. “It is a new concept and people are trying to embrace it, albeit slowly. We are optimistic that this will change in the foreseeable future with digital disruptions,” adds the executive.

Going forward, the firm hopes to work with more businesses helping them actualize their mandates through effective communications with their customers on social platforms. “Customers are also going to demand instant responses. In this view, we are looking to offer more data analytics and use AI in advising businesses on digital communication strategies that can work,” ends Felix.