How Green Spoon aims to deliver healthy food to Kenyans

Juliet kennedy, founder of Green Spoon

When Juliet Kennedy gave birth to her daughter four years ago, she was more concerned about giving her a good start in life. She wanted her to live healthy lifestyle.

She once asked around and researched over the internet and social media where she could get nut butter without additives for her child but she couldn’t find one.

She became frustrated and imagined there might be many people facing the similar problems.

“I was concerned about living a healthy lifestyle, wanted to be part of the development agenda in Kenya and nourish my entrepreneurship bug,” recalls Juliet.

Her Eureka moment came in form of encouragement from her husband who told her that is what she should do – sell quality artisan food online.

She went straight into research and talked to people for almost a year to test the waters. There was very positive response, indicating an immense need for natural health food and products.

Green Spoon Safari Lounge Christmas Blend

The juggle between motherhood and executing her idea was quite a challenge. “The early years of motherhood are really intense and I was doing a lot of research which was equally overwhelming.”

Six months after the birth of her son, she started Green Spoon, an online shopping platform for people who care about what they eat.

She first started in a small container in garden, moved to a shopping center and then relocated to their current premises at Ngong House in Karen.

“Our journey in two years has been amazing because we help farmers/artisans grow in terms of accessing markets for their products. We also deliver quality food products to people,” says the entrepreneur who studied Social Anthropology at the University of Edinburgh in the UK.

She came back to Kenya in 2010 to settle after studies.

“Our prices are competitive and we are committed to ensure quality deliverables amongst our customers, who we value above all else.”

Juliet has built her business from strength to strength on the wheels of good organization and competent team.

“We take orders on a given day and deliver the following day. Our product line ranges from dairy products (cheese, yoghurt, ice cream), meat (beef, pork, mutton, chicken among others), to seafood which is seasonal, pantry items and high quality wines.”

All their meat comes frozen and they advise clients on storage measures upon delivery to ensure that the food lasts longer.

Customers make orders via their online shop at and pay online or via mobile money.

Juliet, who is passionate about what she does says she really loved food from an early age.

Green Spoon Jars of Goodness

At University she was fond of cooking and loved trying new recipes and unusual food flavours which haven’t been done before.

Her family always encouraged her.

“Green Spoon wasn’t my first stab at entrepreneurship,” she notes.

After studies, she first worked in the tourism and hospitality sector marketing high end luxury lodges and hotels around Africa.

She then quit employment to start a tours and travel marketing firm with her cousin and left after two years.

“When you are born an entrepreneur you can’t help but think of ideas and how you can help solve a problem,” says Juliet who is also fascinated about the behavior of humans and how their spirits, beliefs and cultures develop and thrive.

She also once ran a boutique digital marketing agency that helped firms to improve their online reputation and seek better ways to engage with their customers.

Juliet has high ambitions for Green Spoon to become a household name.