Horse Riding in Limuru …Dangerous but Thrilling!

    Horse Riding in Limuru. Photo: Courtesy

    By Adisa Hudson

    A horse is the projection of people’s dreams about themselves, strong, powerful, beautiful. And it has the capability of giving us escape from our mundane existence. The horse life is a life of the highest highs and lowest lows; you never know which is coming next, and horses have a way of spoiling even the most carefully laid plans. Why do we love them again? Oh, right, the beauty and yes, A  great horse will change your life. The truly special ones define it…Nan Mooney

    Are you an old soul in a young bodyfascinated by the Mexican Cowboy’s hat and boots? Well, Ihave exciting news about alovely place that you can enjoy the Mexican experience in a farmland horse ride. It is not for the faint hearted though. It is fun; it is dangerous but absolutely thrilling!Located in the tea region of Limuru and a refreshing hour’s drive from the Nairobi CBD is Kawamwaki Farm. Renowned site for affordable horse riding opportunities across the lush green tea plantation expanse, the Farm has an equestrian centre where horses can be hired on hourly basis. The horses are well trained and range from the drama-less well-schooled horses for the beginners to the more dare-devil horses for the riding experts.

    Conveniently accessible from the city, the opulent green plantation offers delightful setup for unforgettable trails and places to picnic.  Besides the horse riding which is the main attraction in the farm, Kawamwaki Farm boasts of an active tree planting project geared to re-afforestate all the steep land along the Ruaka River fascia.

    Charges and Precautions

    The charges for horse riding is very affordable compared to other horse equestrian centres in the city. A rider incurs the hourly charge of ksh 1500 which entails charges for the right hand wingman or otherwise called groom who accompanies the ride. All riders must sign an indemnity form which is a disclaimer to the effect that the farm is not responsiblefor any incidence. The indemnity basically serves as the acceptance of personal cover during the ride.One hour is the minimal time you can ride the horse but if you opt for more than that, the ride will be much adventurous as you get to the hills top above the farm and havemagnificent view over Nairobi landscape.

    The disclaimer form is one of the prerequisite to riding the horse as the activity is deemed one of the most dangerous but thrilling leisure time for all the visitors and especially the novice riders.  Besides the indemnity signing, every rider is expected to wear a protective gear or hat before setting off for an experience of a lifetime. The farm has riding hats that can be used although they encourage the riders to come with their own hats. At Kawamwaki Farm, they guarantee memorable horse rides and walks that will take you through the extensive picturesque of the evergreen tea and coffee plantation over a tranquil countrysidesetting. Early morning rides will be exquisite with the growing rays of the rising morning sun as well as evening ride or walk with the orange glimmer of the equatorialsunset that you can blend with personal country music collection during the sundowner!

    As a farm, many other activities take place including educationaltours, walks, tree planting and the organic vegetable production.   With the government’s keen interest to protect the land along the rivers and in essence preserve the water reservoirs, the Farm community intentionally participates in tree planting activities along the Ruaka River.  You will enjoy good coffee or fresh juice before the ride at a modest fee towards supporting the conservation. The horse ride trip can be tied to a visit to Tigoni tea Plantation that offer wide area undulating trails across the settlements, tea farm towards the dam.

    You can’t afford to miss out on this!

    If you love taking risks, pick up your boots, a hat and let us take a ride of our lives down at Kawamwaki Farm. Cowboys don’t have to be living in Mexico. We can recreate our own Mexico right here!