Getting closer to nature-Camp Ndunda Experience

    No matter how you travel, or where you travel to, you should spend it the way you would a week at the beach – sopping it all in; having a good time! The art of getting closer to nature and farther away from the normal routine is what defines camping. Whether during the cold July or scorching heat of March, the fire defines the comfort of camping and that is precisely what Camp Ndunda offers. Cooler weather, exquisite green vegetation and canopy, fresh smell of wet soil, steaming hot mug of chocolate, good food, campfire stories, hearty laughter’s  and hoodies! Honestly, if you are thinking quiet times, reflection and serene surrounding, you won’t go wrong with camping. It’s a formidable combination of cold air,dark night,warm fire and bright stars.Wild flowers blooming,brown mud and certainly, the woods are better than any night in town.

    Just two hours’ drive from Nairobi CBD lies a beautiful countryside town Embu, with immaculate green that leaves one gasping for freshness thanks to mother nature. The roadside stalls display of fresh farm fruits gives a hint of the productivity in the lush farms in the region. The name Ndunda in the local Embu dialect means fruits.

    Approximately 10km North West of Embu town, off the Embu-Kibugu road is the famous Camp Ndunda Falls. Located on the banks of Rupingazi River at the foot of the reknown Mt Kenya is Camp Ndunda Falls within the larger Njukiri Forest.

    The camp offers beautiful blend of striking, rustic and indigenous aura with memorable picturesque overlooking the wild waters falls on River Rupingazi.

    Just a few meters from the campsite is the Rupingazi River which gives one a refreshing breeze that caresses your nostrils leaving one with the countryside nostalgia. Listening to the gentle ripples as the water flows downstream is enough therapy for a troubled mind.

    The hike through the Camp takes about seven hours with an easy trekking, zip liner,board walk and water fall viewing. The smell of exotic tree leaves,flowers and moist soil provides remarkable connection with Mother Nature undefiled.

    In terms of accommodation, Camp Ndunda offers simple and affordable options that will see the campers enjoy their stay with their pocket friendly service. The options for accommodation are the camping tents or hanging beds depending with an individual’s preference.  Hanging beds are a perfect option for reigniting childhood experiences if rocking a baby to sleep is anything to go by.  The accommodation is between ksh 1500- ksh 1800.

    On the other hand, the Camp provides suitable grounds for camping, team building for corporate firms, nature walks and a beautiful gateway for solo explorers, family hangouts or groups. The waterfall along the Rupingazi Riveris a major attraction to the site and good news is that swimming in particular sections of the river is allowed! White water rafting, canoeing , boating and bonfire are but just examples of what to expect while at Camp Ndunda Falls.

    Other activities

    • Swimming in the pool
    • Zip lining
    • Canopy walks
    • Nature walks
    • Bicycle riding
    • Fun games
    • Camp fire


    What to take with you

    • Remember to pack the few essentials in your travel pack especially for camping.
    • Comfortable footwear for nature walk
    • T-shirts and shorts for hikes, hoodies for campfire at night etc
    • Swimsuit is a must carry
    • Carry a good camera for photography and capturing memories
    • Tag your friend along; the many you are, the merrier it gets!

    Fact File

    River Rupingazi is one of the six major rivers in Kirinyaga and Embu County. They all drain into the Tana River and are the principle source of water. The water from these rivers has been harnessed through canals to support irrigation at the lower zones of the county.

    Living to their mantra, Camp Ndunda Falls; The outdoor adventure partner;they certainly do not disappoint.


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