Turning your Passion into Profit

Frida Owinga, Founder and CEO, PassionProfit

The founder of PassionProfit is a woman who is determined to change the narrative of entrepreneurs through coaching and mentorship from a unique angle. “Let’s start with what you love and then explore how we can translate it into profit is her mantra.” Drawing her drive from and inspiration from her mother, Frida Owinga talks about her early exposure with entrepreneurship, the birth of PassionProfit and how she aims to empower Africa’s startup entrepreneurs to outlive their formative years by pursuing a business

I grew up from a humble background. My father was a station master at the Kenya Railways Services and my mother was a trader

Out of the business proceeds of her business, my mother bought us niceties. Looking at how well she was doing with business, I was inspired. Little did I know that childhood would later play an important role; it was the jab I would need to awaken the idea of running a business for financial freedom. Her business gave the family more money. It influenced me to start my own business.

My first employment stint was in a company that used to export artifacts globally. With the company based here in Kenya, we would get massive orders that left us utterly overwhelmed. I was the contact person with clients and my boss would tell me to cancel the orders we couldn’t service. That disturbed me a lot. I saw it as a lost opportunity which we could service. The reality left me frustrated with every lost opportunity we had to cancel.

When I couldn’t handle the frustration any longer, I resigned to start my own company to service such clients instead of turning them away. It was a worthy course that saw me service clients across Africa, Europe and America, Australia and UK. Along the way, I started importing vehicles from Japan and joined my husband in his tours and travel firm.

I have had the privilege and pleasure to live in the US and was amazed by their abundance mentality. I was also exposed to the world of networking and consulting and noticed how things could be done differently in the world of business. In particular, I learned business development and management skills that opened opportunities to greater possibilities.

After spending a decade abroad, I came back to the country in 2009. During that time, a lot of people would send me their CVs asking for work while many others complained about not enjoying what they do. The Bible in Mathew 25 talks about the parable of the talents where three people were given talents to multiply. It posits that every person has something and a measure of talent with which they can work on and get reward in return. This scripture inspired me and formed a backbone on a thought of how I can help these people discover their passion and turn it into profit; it birthed Passion Profit.

I always tell people that you do not necessarily need to run your own business to generate wealth. All you need to do is contribute value consistently and excellently and you will be wealthy! Employed or Self Employed.

At Passion Profit, we provide aspiring and existing Founders with mentoring, networking and access to capital. We are also certified to provide mentorships and coaching to professionals and corporate leadership. Our model focuses on the whole person and not just busts targets. Everyone wants to produce results, whether at work or in life. Whether you are a startup or business leader, you definitely need us.

Networking with colleagues

Through research, we have found out that there is always a disconnect between business leaders and their team because of the different level they occupy within the company. This, to an extent affects cohesiveness and work flow, and ultimately overall performance. Besides, within a work environment, there is always an immense pressure to achieve maximum results without concern on how such pressure affects the personal lives of employees. Our mentoring and coaching program comes with an online subscription that measures, monitors and tracks results in life and work.

The programmes maps out roles that an individual plays in life in an effort to create harmony. For example, one might be a husband, father, brother and a business leader at ago and thus, articulating the roles help in achieving and enjoying those goals thanks to harmonized living.

Of interest is our Social Innovations Awards where we empower youths to become social innovators by turning their intentions into actions. We look at social acts that one can do, help a community and earn a living out of it.

Researches indicate that many startups fail within their formative years because go into business expecting a quick success. You can’t make it quick in business. It is a process that takes time. Others start wrong, without enough capital, experience and prerequisite skills and education to start and run a business. We provide the necessary, skills and tools to support the building of a thriving business, whether start up, growth stage or scale up stage.

At Passion Profit, we have programmes that address such issues and challenge an individual’s reasons for the business pursuits they are in. We are proud to be the only network that provides individuals with a structured way to measure, monitor and track performance so that they can produces the results that matter most.

We also understand that as a startup, access to capital is severely strained. Thus, we have a catalyst fund, short term loans and savings that one can access to begin their business journey.

Going forward, our ultimate goal is to see startup founders outlive their formative years. We are also aiming to have our own centre where we will continue to provide entrepreneurs with mentoring, networking and access to affordable capital, and space where they can pursue their passion.

To this end you should know that, your success is not dependent on your conditions or circumstances; it is dependent on your decisions and actions.


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