Eldama Technologies: Designing world class ICT solutions for today and posterity

Long gone are the days of IT hardware planning. Today, firms are now turning to cloud-computing storage and computer services to cut down on operation costs and do away with the trouble of managing databases.  The IT systems and software’s are getting sophisticated by the day and as the CEO and founder of Eldama Technologies, Mr. Jonathan Somen formerly of Access Kenya shares with StartUp Magazine in an interview, the ICT solution providers like themselves either have to match up or get locked out.

Every business strives to provide quality and efficient service to its clients. Some embrace innovations and technological advancement in order to remain relevant to a particular niche and have a competitive edge against other competing service providers.

Founded in January 2016, Eldama Technologies is driven by the desire and strong will to provide innovative IT managed services to its clientele.

“We are leveraging on our major experiences in providing IT managed services to help our clients outsource their IT functions efficiently; not only limited to the cloud but also to an IT company that manages systems as their core business, says Mr. Jonathan.”

Jonathan Somen, CEO and Co-Founder, Eldama Technologies

With such IT innovations, businesses will be left to focus on their key areas of operations like the Real Estate, Tourism, Manufacturing and whatever industry they operate in explained Jonathan.

The inspiration behind Eldama Technologies was the need to bridge the gap in technology and business by borrowing the global IT systems development perspective and localizing it to a local audience. With massive experience after the selling of Access Kenya, Mr. Somen in partnership with his wife Petra opted to tap on his previous knowledge in building infrastructures with excellent connectivity to fill in the plugs on the growing trend for cloud computing to set up Eldama Technologies in January 2016.

Later teaming up with his brother who came on board as executive chairman, the two  also co-own an IT firm in United Kingdom have a blended  wealth of experience selling cloud solutions. “At Eldama Technologies, we understand the market both locally and globally. We know what clients need and we focus on helping them build their businesses by providing innovative solutions to help them gain competitive edge and become more efficient,” pin points the CEO.

With the cloud services coupled with managed IT services forming the backbone of the future of businesses in Kenya, Eldama Technologies has designed a roadmap that takes clients on a structured and organized journey to ensure that they meet their objectives.

Renowned as Kenya’s first Microsoft Tier 1 Cloud Solutions Provider, Eldama Technologies has invested heavily in Microsoft skills and competences in order to become the best cloud provider in the region. “Today you cannot sell IT solutions without proper certifications. We have direct sales teams who have technical certifications driving our course within the region,” reiterates Mr. Jonathan. “In addition, with a technical know-how and track record of successful implementations, we are better placed to help our clients enjoy the massive benefits of using cloud services.”

Eldama Technologies has a primary focus on Microsoft’s highly developed cloud offerings which the CEO confirms are extremely good with positive ratings by companies across the world run on Microsoft cloud solutions.

Recently, the firm entered into a partnership with Mimecast who have a comprehensive email risk/security management services. “Online security is becoming a big problem.  Companies are increasingly becoming aware of cyber security and how they can secure their business online,” he explains. “We however are working with a reliable partner in Mimecast to infuse cyber-crime security into our IT services provided and ensure our services are secure.”

Besides the provision of managed IT services, the optimistic CEO is pleased to have started a business in Kenya and getting an opportunity to create employment, contribute to the economy and make a difference in people’s lives.  And who is to say that he is wrong given that Gartner estimated that the worldwide public cloud services market was projected to grow 18% in 2017 to a figure of USD 246.8 billion.

Going forward, he envisions a robust Eldama Technologies serving posterity with key focus on reliable infrastructures and good customer services. In the next three years, the brothers intend to widen their scope and efficiency in service delivery to be the number one provider of cloud solutions and managed IT services in Kenya.