Rabbit aka King Kaka-Musician, producer, an accomplished businessman and owner of Kaka Empire

“Music is an art, form of entertainment and business in itself. Let’s appreciate and nurture our home-grown talents.”

Born Kevin Ombima in 1987, Rabbit is an accomplished story teller and spoken word artiste. He began his musical journey in 2005 after completing high school. His most notable hits include ‘Ligi Soo’ and ‘Swahili Shakespeare’. To date he has several albums and more than 100 songs up his sleeve.

Besides being a music sensation, he is a video director, producer and an accomplished businessman. He runs Kaka Empire-a music production studio which he hopes to conquer the higher levels of musical success. He has signed leading acts such as Rich Mavoko, Avril Kenya and Timmy Tdat.  He is also an activist for social change and the current United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNDOC) Youth Initiative East Africa Ambassador.


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