Olive Gachara- an accomplished business woman and serial entrepreneur

“I remember saying over and over again how bad I am at sales. However I quickly realised I had to change that monologue if I wanted to achieve my gaols. You need to be a great sales person to succeed as an entrepreneur.”

Olive Gachara is an accomplished business woman and serial entrepreneur. At just 30 years she runs a modelling agency, a consultancy firm and publishes a magazine. She is also a judge ‘lioness’ at the Lions’ Den, an entrepreneurship show run on NTV by KCB Bank and Quite Bright Films. Its Kenya’s version of Shark Tank.

At 17 years, she took a stab at Miss Malaika and failed. One year later she started Kinkey Modelling and Talent Agency and started consulting for magazines as a fashion stylist. At age 25 she launched Image with Olive-an image consultancy firm with a special focus on personal branding, communications skills, etiquette and professional image. She now publishes Couture Africa Magazine.