5 Top Reasons Why You Should Be Outsourcing Recruitment Function in 2018

By Perminus Wainaina

Outsourcing recruitment in Kenya is still new for a lot of companies. Recruiting and hiring in Kenya for the right candidate is proving to be a difficult task in today’s changing global economy, which has led to war on talent. For you to hire right in this environment, you will need to keep up with new recruiting technologies, developing relationships with prospective candidates and asking the right questions.

Every business looks to contain their costs and ensure their core business operations are on top of the list. Outsourcing recruiting functions will give you that and help your business save time and money. There are a number of values for a company to outsource their recruiting functions.

Here are the 5 top reasons why you should be outsourcing recruiting.

  1. Competitive Advantage
    Not every organization, especially small companies, and startups have the resources to engage in a competitive recruiting of candidates. Leveraging recruitment firms will give you the muscles to compete with the big companies with resources. Outsourcing recruiting in Kenya will quickly and efficiently help in building up staff base and keep you focused on your core business.
  2. Cost Saving
    Whencost-savingis top of the list, you need to consider outsourcing recruiting functions. The costs associated with recruitment include; advertising, background screening, applicant tracking systems and recruiting technology. With outsourcing, all these costs are bundled up into one and it’s usually less than trying to conduct an effective recruitment campaign in-house.

The recruiting time will be reduced because of dedicated recruiting resources and your risk is shared thus spread. Recruitment delays will be a thing of the past as recruitment firms have a pool of database they can always refer to for quick placements.

  1. Scalable platforms
    With a growing company, your staff demands will be higher and keep up with your recruitment needs only gets more difficult. If you have recruiting staff in-house, they will be overwhelmed by their other responsibilities and recruitment processes where one is bound to suffer in terms of quality of the output.

By outsourcing recruiting in Kenya, you will have a solution that will grow with your organization and its recruitment needs. This will save you time and cost whenever you have to meet your staffing needs.

  1. Curb turnover rate
    High staff turnover is expensive in terms of interrupted and lost productivity, employee engagement and lower customer service. Staff turnover has less to do with recruiting staff abilities or even compensation, but more to do with the recruiting function.

If you are outsourcing recruiting in Kenya, you are assured of dedicated, experienced and quality functions which guarantee you, better-qualified candidates. Your organization will enjoy quality candidates who are well-matched and vetted.

High turnovers in an organization can strain an organization’s resources, when this happens, outsourcing your recruitment functions is your best solution to curb recruiting turnover.

  1. Core business focus
    Recruiting functions take resources from core business operations or the organization as stated earlier. When the function is outsourced to specialists, it does not take away anything from organization core business functions and you are able to find the talent you need without distractions. Outsourcing recruiting in Kenya will ensure your HR team has time to deal with their roles; employee programs, compliance and streamlining processes which are core to them without having ripple effects on the organization.

Outsourcing recruiting in Kenya will ensure that open positions do not remain vacant for a long time and that you get the best. Your operational costs will be reduced, note that reducing cost doesn’t mean reducing staff as there are better means to manage staff costs.

Perminus Wainaina is the Managing Partner & Head of Recruitment at Corporate Staffing Services Ltd. Email. Perminus@corporatestaffing.co.ke.





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