Twitter has suspended its account verification program

Microblogging website Twitter has suspended its account verification program following a backlash over the handling of the blue tick-mark to coordinators of a Neo-Nazi caucus in August 2017 in Charlottesville, USA.

The social media giant explained in a Tweet that the verification was intended to validate identity and voice but was interpreted wrongly, as indicator or endorsement of importance.

Twitter accepted the mishaps and confusion created and committed to resolving it. As such it has halted all general verifications and will report back to the public as soon.

Previously, there has been a public outrage by Twitter users after a Twitter user and purported member of a white supremacist movement in the US got verified.  They viewed this as an endorsement of the white supremacy.

Earlier in the week, Twitter verified the account of Jason Kessler, a far-right activist who sanctioned the death of an anti-racist activist. After the verification, Kessler tweeted that he must be the only working-class white-advocate who got verified by Twitter.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey admitted the mistake and said Twitter was working to resolve it.

Prior to this halt, many public interest accounts such as those of government, politicians, religion, media, journalism, business, music, sports and other significant interest areas qualified to be verified.