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We need both domestic capital and foreign funds to grow businesses in Africa

By Kenny Nwosu, CEO, Norsa Capital Access to capital is probably the most significant factor in the success of...

mPharma Launches Data-driven Insights Platform to Empower African Pharmacies in Decision making

Facility Insights module launched to equip mPharma-partner pharmacies in understanding various data points related to pharmacy operations and management

Chasing the Thrill of Adventure with Canon

Sports and action photography has always been a challenging feat to accomplish for photographers Sports and action photography has...

Kaspersky Discovers a New Backdoor Targeting Governments and NGOs across the Middle East, Turkey...

First leveraged in late March 2021, the newly discovered backdoor has hit governmental institutions and NGOs across the globe with victims in...

It’s time for the corporate sector to rethink business capital

By Hyther Nizam, President - MEA, Zoho Corp. The vast majority of people associate capital with financial wealth. When economists...