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10 ways to make sure your holiday rental stands out

Anyone who owns a holiday home or flat would love to have it fully booked all through the year. So, how do...

Data-driven experiences critical to bank success, as industry reaches ‘inflection point’

New research from international digital SME banking specialist, Pollinate,  reveals traditional banks' servicing of SMEs does not correspond with the economic importance of...

Why purpose should be a top strategic priority

Today, purpose-driven brands outperform those that are not. People want to feel that a brand has invested in them, its employees, the...

Take control of your health and well-being

It's the middle of the cold season where we are currently experiencing extremely low temperatures in Kenya. We must take extra precautions...

Beyond the entrepreneurs: why women-focused investing has an outsized impact

By Keoleboge Malela, ESG Manager at Norsad Capital In recent years, the investment world has woken up to the...