Lesedi Developers: Setting Affordable Standards in Kenya’s Real Estate Industry

    It is widely accepted that owning a home tops the wish list of most Kenyans. This is mirrored in The Government of Kenya’s (GoK) commitment to deliver a series of ambitious social programs to promote long-term economic development for Kenyan citizens through its Big Four Agenda which lists housing as one of the pillars.

    However, many of them have been reluctant to invest in real estate, thanks to fraudsters who have saturated the industry. Determined to end this worrying trend and support the government’s low cost homes development agenda, Lesedi Developers was established four years ago. It sells affordable lands to Kenyans. “We aim to make sure we provide a platform for people from the bottom of the pyramid to own property, we sell land at meagre prices. The idea has altogether resonated with Kenyans, and our reception has been superb,’’ says Mr. Geoffrey Kiragu, director and one of the founding managers of Lesedi Properties.

    Since its inception, the award-winning organization has been growing in leaps and bounds. “Lesedi Developers Ltd is one of the rapidly—if not fastest-growing real estate companies in Kenya.  We have done more than thirty eight projects and issued virtually five thousand title deeds in the four years of operation,” avers the Executive.

    According to Mr. Kiragu, Lesedi does not discriminate clients based on their socio-economic class. Besides targeting buyers at ‘the bottom of the pyramid’, they also have products on their catalog that are meant for middle and high-income earners. “The idea is to have properties for all our customers. That explains why we have products ranging from Kes 299,000  to Kes 2.9M,” he explains.

    Competitive Edge

    Lesedi Properties, reveals the executive, stands out due to its swiftness and efficiency in delivering genuine title deeds to clients within three to six months after payment. The company is banking on the digitization of land records by the Ministry of Lands to speed up the process even further. The titling process is a huge nightmare for many Kenyans because of fake title deeds, but the Executive argues that with the digitization by the Ministry of Lands, they have cut off con artists with fake titles.

    “We are embracing innovations to reduce the timeline even further. With a visit to our Facebook page and website, you can easily view the ongoing projects, make a reservation and get in touch with our supportive team. The process is very swift,” he reveals adding that, “Our products are also valuable and affordable. For our high levels of efficiency, we were recently awarded by topscorebrands.org as the most consistent land selling and Sub-division Company.”

    Currently, Lesedi Developers has several real estate projects at Makongeni in Thika, Kilimambogo and Nakuru. “Early this year, we expanded our portfolio by including quality affordable homes. Massive requests for homes by our clients drove the inception of Lesedi Homes. We have four ongoing projects. Some are in very advanced stages,” says Mr Kiragu.

    Asked if they envision expanding to all the counties in Kenya, Mr Kiragu responds in the affirmative saying that their goal is to have the brand become a household name in less than five years. “Initially, our projects were concentrated in the central and eastern (Kiambu & Machakos) parts of Kenya. However, we have recently started to explore other areas like the rift valley (Nakuru). We intend to have projects in every county very soon through our newest offing known as the Lesedi Club for Land,” explains the Executive.