Three great ways to make money online

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    Internet accessibility is at an all-time high in Kenya, as the country continues to make great strides in the digital space.

    According to Statista, Kenya has the highest internet penetration in Africa, at an estimated 85.2% as at December 2020.

    The internet means different things to different people. It has arguably become the primary source of news and information in Kenya, and a great way to relax and socialize, especially with social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

    However, if you are more business inclined, you will know that opportunities abound on the internet. It is possible to make some serious money just by sitting behind your computer screen and tapping a few buttons.

    There are a number of money-making activities online, and here are three ways you can tap into the great financial potentials of the internet.

    Start a Blog

    Do you have a talent for writing interesting and engaging content? Are you super knowledgeable about a particular topic? Then you can convert your talent and knowledge into some decent money by running a blog!

    Starting a blog is cheap and easy. Sites like WordPress and Blogger allow users to create blogs free of charge. Note that blogging does not guarantee instant money. You have to run the blog consistently over a number of months and years before earning tangible reward for your efforts.

    You have to build your audience and generate consistent traffic to the blog over a sustained period of time. If you can manage this, you will be able to make money through features like AdSense. Better still, you can receive direct adverts from brands looking to leverage on your traffic.

    Become an Affiliate Marketer

    In recent times, many Kenyans have been joining the affiliate marketing train and making decent money from it. An affiliate marketer helps a company sell its product online and earns a commission for every sale made. 

    Many companies across many sectors of the economy now use affiliate marketers to expand the reach of their products and gain new customers.

    Becoming an affiliate marketer is very easy. You can market products via your blog, YouTube or even your social media handles.

    Rather than using your popular Twitter account to troll people, you can convert that handle into a money-making machine by signing up with an affiliate marketing program.

    Sports Betting

    Making money from sports betting is more dependent on luck than skill. However, millions of Kenyans are more than willing to chance their arm and have a go at it. 

    The last few years have seen a tremendous growth in online sports betting in Kenya, with the country ranking amongst the top three gambling nations in Africa.

    Kenyan bettors now have the luxury of choosing from a variety of bookmakers, including top international sites like 22Bet.

    While online sports betting can be profitable, you need to have a great deal of fortune to consistently make money in this way. You can increase your chances by putting plenty of work into research and follow tips from punters with good track records of success.

    Above all, learn to bet responsibly. As much as you can make money from sports betting, you can also lose your hard-earned money if you get addicted and out of control.

    There are lots of other ways of making money online; some of which include selling your own products on platforms like Jiji (formerly OLX), selling your own skills and services, forex trading and many more.