Clear Signs You Need To Leave Your Current Job And Make A Career Change

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    Leaving a job can be a hard decision to make. Still, we all have to keep in mind that sometimes job offers are way more attractive on paper than in real life. Because of the increasing demand for tech workers, employers are going further to meet potential hirings’ needs. But, during interviews, they may say things they didn’t mean just to convince qualified workers. In that case, you should identify if the job is what you expected. 

    If you’re wondering about leaving your job and making a career change, these signs will help you decide. They will allow you to realize when and how you should make your decision.

    You Can’t Think of Anything You Love About Work

    Feeling passionate about what you do is what makes you provide the best results. Otherwise, your performance will be low. If you can’t make a list of the things you love about your job, it’s a big sign you should quit and make a career change. It’s ok not to feel motivated when the job is not what you expected. But, hating almost everything you do at work is not healthy. Look for a position that makes you feel inspired. When workers feel comfortable and love what they do, they take big steps towards achieving happiness in life.

    Before making your decision, don’t hesitate to talk with your boss and express your feelings. Let them know what you dislike and see how you can solve the problem. Sometimes, asking for a position in another department can fix the issue. However, if your boss disagrees, start looking for a new job as soon as possible.

    Your Work Frustrates You

    Many people don’t like some of the tasks they do at work. But, if you feel frustrated because your duties don’t allow you to use your strengths, this is a sign you should quit. When employees can’t make use of their best skills, they feel uncomfortable and useless. To fix the issue, you can volunteer in projects or give an extra hand to your co-workers. Using your strengths is key to enjoy what you do and not being left behind. Hence, you must get a job that enables you to make use of them.

    You Are Always Overwhelmed

    Because of our pride, admitting when we can’t handle all our responsibilities can be hard. But, dealing with stressful situations all the time and not receiving support is the worst thing that can happen. When workers feel constantly overwhelmed and work too much, their health might be affected negatively. If you think you’re crumbling down because of your responsibilities, don’t wait to ask your boss for help. Let them know how you feel and that you need time off. If they disagree with your request, this is a big sign you should quit right away. Workers are human beings, and improving your wellness is crucial to feeling comfortable and happy with your life.

    Your Skills Are Getting Obsolete

    Skills training has become indispensable for employees in 2020. Getting a new job has become a new challenge for those employees whose tech skills are outdated. Consequently, you need to get a job that provides you with professional development. Many companies provide workers with excellent perks and benefits to help them enroll in coding boot camps and develop their current skills.

    Google and Nintendo, for example, provide workers with tuition reimbursement benefits. Hence, they can take classes at outstanding coding schools like Thinkful or Coding Dojo. Thinkful is among the best vocational schools worldwide because they allow students to learn from home and receive help from a career support team. In other words, if you’re willing to make a career change, this is one of the best options available on the market.

    Coding Dojo, on the other hand, offers on-site and online courses. Students can enroll in the program that best fits their needs. At Coding Dojo, students can become self-sufficient developers in only 16 weeks. They get equipped not only with in-demand programming tools like AWS but with the right computer science knowledge to build and maintain complex apps. 

    If your current job doesn’t allow you to stay up-to-date, don’t waste time and quit. As days pass, the need for updating and upgrading your skills will continue to increase, and getting a new job might become a struggle.

    You See No Future In Your Current Career

    It’s ok to feel that your current career doesn’t fit your life goals anymore. If you see no future and you feel uncomfortable in your current career, this is a clear sign you need to take the leap. Making a career change can be scary. As people need to go out of their comfort zone and try new things, they often quit halfway. 

    Before starting the process, you should do some research. This will allow you to identify what makes your world go round. Don’t start a career that you know you will regret. See your available options and conduct informational interviews if necessary. By meeting experienced workers, you’ll know what the job is like, and you’ll see if it’s a good match.

    Your Work-Life Balance Is Awful

    To achieve your goals and the company’s, you indeed need to work hard. But, if you feel that your work-life balance is terrible, you should consider leaving your job. Work-life balance is crucial to have a healthy lifestyle. When employees work over 40 hours per week, their health may be compromised. Stress is among the main factors that affect workers’ health, and if you want to live longer, you should avoid it. Seek a job that provides you with schedule flexibility. This will allow you to find the perfect balance between life and work. Getting a remote position is an excellent option to spend time with your loved ones, and remote work has also proven to increase companies’ productivity.


    In general, getting a job that fits all your expectations can be challenging. No matter what kind of job you get, you must identify these signs and see if it’s beneficial for you. In 2020, companies are offering outstanding salaries, but you have to remember that a good salary is not everything. Apply for jobs that give your life meaning. When employees feel their work is meaningful, they are on the right path to achieve personal and professional fulfillment.


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