TikTok introduces Family Pairing feature in Kenya

Families are now turning to internet platforms like TikTok to stay entertained, informed, and connected. That was, of course, happening before COVID-19, but it has only accelerated since the outbreak began and social distancing brought families closer together. The embrace of platforms like this is providing families with joint tools to express their creativity, share their stories, and show support for their communities. At the same time, they are often learning to navigate the digital landscape together and focused on ensuring a safe experience.

Today, TikTok is advancing its commitment to building for the safety of its users by introducing Family Pairing, which allows parents and teens to customise their safety settings based on individual needs. Family Pairing enhances TikTok’s suite of safety tools and complements its work to provide greater access to product features as users reach key milestones for digital literacy. It is part of TikTok’s continued work toward providing parents with a better ability to guide their teen’s online experience while allowing time to educate about online safety and digital citizenship. 


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