Ways to stay productive while working from home

7 ways to stay productive while working from home

By Reuben Kimani

The outbreak of Coronavirus has seen companies encourage employees to work from homes. This is key in ensuring that people maintain social distance and prevent the advance of the virus. As people continue to work from home, below are some tips on how to remain productive at work.

1.   Communicate consistently – stay connected with team members and colleagues and make sure you are available this will ensure that you are able to deliver on various assigned tasks assigned to you.

2.   Plan your work before you start your day – Have a task list that will help you track your progress and consistently follow it. Have a priority list that will also include extra time for unforeseen tasks. Try as much as possible not to switch tasks without completing the first one.

3.   Choose a specific working area in your house where you will be able to work on your tasks uninterrupted. This is key in ensuring you stay focused and productive. Also try as much as possible to maintain the same working hours you have at the office.

4.   Invest in an internet Connection – you will be required to do research on various assigned tasks and you will also receive and send emails. Therefore, you will need a reliable source of internet for you to carry out various tasks online.

5.   Discourage personal interruptions at home – In your normal working environment in office, you do not allow your friends and colleagues to frequently interrupt you. To prevent intrusions into your work space, inform your friends that although the location of your job has changed, it is no different from what you normally do and you still require privacy and focus.

6.   Train your children to be productive and disciplined – Children tend to think they are on a normal school holiday. Consider having a timetable for them with various tasks to be achieved on a specific day. You can consider rewarding a child who has been consistently productive and disciplined.

7.   Exercise – consider having exercise routines because you are staying indoors. You can watch channels that air various work out shows and implement early in the morning or late in the evening.  

Working from home can be convenient if you choose to. All you need to do is plan accordingly to make sure that all your tasks are executed. Also, wake up early and be productive early in the morning and have most of the work done.

The author is the CEO, Username Investment Limited.