Eco Friendly Homes Made Easy-The Precast Panel Technology

    Alex Kariuki, the founder and CEO of Ankar Prefab Solutions at a construction site

    Owning a home remains a faint dream for most low and middle-income Kenyans. A look at the cost of houses on sale across Kenyan media leaves the average Kenyan discouraged. The cost of owning a three-bedroomed house across many suburbs in Nairobi is in excess of Kshs 11 million. However, a locally owned real estate agency aims to change this narrative and make it possible for Kenyans to own affordable homes.

    Ankar Prefab Solutions is a pioneer of prefab modern modular homes in Kenya. Based in Ruiru in Kiambu County, the company experience and knowledge in both residential and commercial property markets in Kenya has seen it provide a memorable experience to homeowners for the last 5 years.

    Precast Panels

    A prefabricated house is a technology that has been widely embraced around the world over, says Alex Kariuki, the founder and CEO of Ankar Prefab Solutions during an interview with StartUp Magazine at his office. “The technology has been widely used in the construction of social housing, housing estates, villas, cottages, bungalows and residential houses among others. We set up shop locally with a promise to offer clients a diverse range of prefabricated housing solutions.”

    The firm’s objectives are in line with the government’s affordable housing programme, one of the pillars of the ‘Big Four’ agenda-which aims to ensure at least 1 million Kenyan families become homeowners. The government has further embraced the use of prefab panels for construction of public houses as seen in Kenya Railways staffer quarters as well as county government houses in Nairobi’s Maringo and Majengo, says Kariuki.

    Prefab panels are a quick built and cost effective housing solutions for homeowners, “A house construction projects starts like a traditional building where we excavate and put up a foundation.

    “We use precast concrete panels reinforced with steel to come up with a robust wall solution. The panels are then interlocked without the use of sands or plastering for the walls. A three bedroomed house can be done in less than three months at a cost of less than Kshs 3 million,” Fully done, tiled and with fittings. He says.

    To underscore that the prefab panels have been revolutionizing the housing sector in Kenya, Kariuki shares that the panels reduce the construction cost by a over 30 per cent compared to conventional stones and structures.“With the panels you will also have more space for the house since the panels are four inches in thickness. A stone is usually six inches in thickness; plastering gives you an additional inch. They are also eco-friendly.”

    The main advantages of prefabricated houses are custom manufacturing, modern structures and designs, long life, high quality materials, energy-efficiency, and cost-effectively.

    Ankar Prefab Solutions has enough expertise and capacity to deliver the technology to Kenyans across the country. “We have the technology locally with a well trained team that is better placed to execute any kind of housing project.”

    The firm is able to deliver a home based on any kind of architectural plan.

    Going forward, Ankar aims to set up a training centre to train technicians about prefab panels technology and establish a household name in the industry.

    Why Ankar Realtors

    • We are competitively placed in the industry since we handle the whole project from architectural planning to actual project delivery.
    • We are professionals with good project management skills.
    • We are cost effective and deliver projects in record time.

    Entrepreneurship Lessons

    • Patience is key when you want to achieve success. You can’t start a business today and expect immediate returns.
    • You have to be resilient because entrepreneurship is a game of hard knocks.
    • You should be open to accept new ideas.


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