Where are Your Hiking Shoes?

Thompson Falls. (Photo: Courtesy)

Thomson Falls Beckons!

By Adisa Hudson

A tourist from Nakuru wrote a review of his experience and said, “Travelling from the dust bowl of Nakuru, it was a joy to see the ever changing landscape and vegetation. Tea and coffee plantations merged with the lush forests; colours of Africa that fight for attention in your head, around every corner another view which makes you want to stop and enjoy.”

Many of us have heard about it in one way or another; perhaps during our random checks on places to visit but mostly in Geography class. Located in the South-East of Nyahururu Town is the beautiful Thomson falls in a dense forest on the environs of Mt Kenya and the Great Rift Valley. Beautifully hidden at the heart of central Kenya, Nyaharuru is approximately 180 kilometers from Nairobi. Only2hours’ drive from the bustle of the crowded city, the contrasting surrounding with lush green vegetation will put your mind to rest.

Named after a naturalist and geologist from Scotland, Thomson falls is enclosed in riparian vegetation on the slopes of the ranges. Joseph Thomson discovered the fall in 1887 during his exploration journey as he walked all the way from Mombasa to Lake Victoria. Overlooking Ole-Ngare Naro River at the basement of Aberdares ranges that form one of the pillars of the Great Rift Valley, the fall boasts of a pleasant and surreal mother nature undefiled.The breathtaking falls and the vapour created are a wonder to behold!

With one of the biggest hippo pools of Kenya located upstream from the falls, it is possible to view the falls from aboveor trail down to the bottom of the ravine for a different view.


Just around the vicinity lies the pristine and immaculate Thomson Falls Lodge.Tucked in Kenya’s high towns- one of Kenya’s highest cities, Nyahururu – at 2360 meters above sea level next toworld renowned Thomson s fall, the lover looks the Ole Ngare Naro River. Thomson’s Falls Lodge is encircled by 10 acres of meadows, dappled with African olive and cedar trees.

Built in the early 1930’s by English settlers, the original cottages still stand providing that rustic setup that gives a refreshing outlook of a surreal countryside setting.  While the exterior is well maintained with green lawns and lush garden with trees and beautiful flowers that defines our botanical pride, the interiors are quite the opposite. The rooms are what can be best defined as furnished with post-colonial pleasure. From the old-fashioned furniture’s, doors and window frames to paintings and chandeliers, you are guaranteed to have a colonial experience of the early settlers.The Lodge is an ideal overnight stop for travelers moving between Samburu and the Great Rift Valley.

Thompson Falls Lodge. (Photo: Courtesy)

However, for busy Nairobi dwellers, Thomson Falls remains that magical travel to place to spend a few hours in a quiet but refreshing aura that leaves one grateful to Mother Nature.Basically, it’s a combination of magic waters and the epitome of faded glory of the colonials. Seeing and listening to the magnificent waters of falling from such heights is not only fascinating but calming. Thomson’s Falls Lodge has 28 Rooms catering for all your preference as a solo or group travellers!

Travel and access

Conveniently located 2km from   along Nyahururu-Nyeri High way, one can walk the small distance or board a taxi to Thomson fall. Entry charges to access Nyahururu Thomson fall is affordable but slightly varies depending on your nationality.

Activities and local discoveries

The main activity to be involved in at Thomson’s fall is picnics and guided walks right down to the bottom of the falls. Tourists can also pick up guiding maps from the curio shops around Thomson’s Fall entrance to get guidance on the direction of Kenyan`s Highest Hippo Pools found on upstream of Thomson’s Fall in Nyahururu.

Camping sites

What to take with you

As you plan that visit and get acquainted with the teemingserenity in our beautiful country, remember to pack the few essentials in your travel pack.

  • Footwear like comfortable sneakers to protect your feet and ease while hiking
  • T-shirts and shorts; wear comfortable hiking jersey
  • Carry a good camera for photography and capturing memories
  • Have plenty of drinking water and of course
  • Tag your friend along; the many you are, the merrier it gets!

Fact file

Thomson fall is a 74 metres (243 ft) scenic waterfall on the EwasoNg’iro River draining from the Aberdare Mountain Ranges.

Thomson falls is situated at estimated 2 kilometres from Nyahururu town in central Kenya, at an estimated 2,360 metres (7,740 ft) elevation.

Ewaso Narok River is a main tributary of the Ewaso Ng’iro River. It is a major economic resource for the adjacent town of Nyahururu. Most of the revenue is received from tourists, both international and domestic, who are charged at the gate.

Kenya is a major destination of most tourists who come to Africa. Nyahururu falls in Kenya ensure that people, who visit, get a refreshing tour with maximum security through guards. The domestic tourists in Kenya are also frequent visitors of the Thomsons falls in Nyahururu especially during special holidays and weekends in Kenya.


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