First Class Cars Concierge: Redefining the travel experience with a touch of luxury

Gikonyo Muchohi

By Adisa Hudson

As a young CEO who has had an opportunity to globe trot, Mr. Gikonyo Muchohi has been privileged to experience the cab services in different parts of the globe. Out of all these experiences, he learnt the art of precision and good services that saw him come back home and venture into the already flooded field of travel cabs services. However, he noticed a gap and capitalized on it, and that’s how First Class Cars Concierge was born.

Registered in 2014, First Class Car’s Concierge runs a fleet of 9 high end vehicles driven by highly skilled and trained drivers. The firm’s services provide customers with comfort and luxury to make their lives easier as they travel from one place to the other.

“The idea was to provide exceptional services in the travel industry through use of good world class automobiles that will give our clients a sense of style and classic experience as they travel. There are people who won’t mind classic experience at a slightly higher price and First Class Cars Concierge are here just to make their dream a reality,”says Mr. Gikonyo.

For a very long time, the service element in the taxi and travel industries in the country has been conspicuously missing and that’s exactly what First Class Cars Concierge are delighted to offer. We want our customers to experiences to be unique as they enjoy the services provided. “Out of the 9 vehicles we are having, we have the three categories of the Mercedes V class, Mercedes X class and the overall benchmark of the four wheel drive range rover sports says the CEO.”

Mya, a popular American singer riding on FCCC fleet when she toured the country in 2016

The Mercedes V class is mostly popular among the corporate and individual groups who would want to be dropped and picked to and from a dinner, concert or other events in comfort through service delivery that gives value for their money.

Mercedes x class vehicles are more common preference for executive purposes and business travel around the city for business moguls during their business trips.

Range Rovers on the other hand services mainly the celebrities and other high end private jet owners who are more interested in the luxury than money related costs.


However, there is cost that comes with running up such an expensive venture that cannot be ignored.“Setting up the business hasn’t been easy because it is an expensive venture that needed huge sums of financial capital. Since we deal with high profile individuals and celebrities who in many cases would want their issues, visits and privacy ensured, I have had to organize and train the drivers on customer digression and confidentiality, he shares.”

The drivers are equally well trained in advance level defense driving and intense knowledge about the city to be able to move around with clients with precision and not having to ask the client on which side a particular destination is located in the city.

Complimentary services

All our vehicles have WIFI and the moment we pick up the client, they have unlimited access to the internet as they are ferried around. Water, cold drinks, magazines are available to make our client comfortable. At additional cost and prior request, wine and champagne can be served.”

Today, the firm has a team of 12 employees who perform different duties. The CEO is more concerned with the overall oversight on the quality of the vehicles. “I like to be consistent in whatever I do so I emphasize on the quality of the cars, quality checks and servicing so that the cars are in good conditions.”

“Being a car enthusiast and passionate about what I do, consistency is what has kept me. I do not give my clients a reason to question the standard of our services. If anything, we get better by day.”


We envision the firm grown to be a household name in the next three years. We also want to get an app for the fleet of business tailor-made for targeted clientele so that it becomes easier for them to get access to our services just via the mobile phone.

Parting shot to entrepreneurs

As a parting shot, he says, “We have issue as Kenyans when it comes to being successful; we want to be successful too quickly. We don’t want to build, we just want quick success! Let us change the narrative as young people. Be creative, look for a niche and find new things and build on that. Have a vision. Don’t copy and paste. Love what you want to do. Let it be passion driven and be consistent.”