Username issues over 600 title deeds to clients

Username Investment Limited clients displaying their title deeds during the Title Issuance Ceremony

Username Investment Limited has issued over 600 titles to clients who bought land in Kangundo Road, Konza, Tinga, Ipolosat and Ngong during a Title Issuance Ceremony held at Parklands Sports Club Nairobi. This event is among the several Title Issuance Ceremonies held in a year, increasing the number of title deeds issued by the real estate company to over 5,000 since Username’s establishment in 2013.

“This is a move to restore the trust that has been lost in the real estate sector for a long time. Majority of Kenyans have lost their hard earned money to rogue real estate companies who do not deliver on the promise of issuing title deeds. We are dealing with clients who have been disappointed by some players in real estate industry, but as A tradition of trust, we have come in to restore the eroded trust in this sector that makes a great contribution to our country’s GDP. We are glad that our clients will walk home today with title deeds of their land”.

Speaking during the Title Issuance Ceremony, Username Investment Ltd. CEO, Reuben Kimani mentioned that when they ventured in to the real estate industry in 2013, majority of clients had given up investing in real estate sector due to issuance of fake title deeds, or lack of issuance at all. The real estate company committed to create and maintain a culture of trust with clients through selling genuine land, establishing long standing relationships, taking them to see the land for free and issuing genuine title deeds a process that is overseen by the company lawyer.

“Real estate companies have been on the limelight for increased fraudulent cases in the country. The young people have been the most affected but with Username you are guaranteed to see value for your money and especially now when the country is experiencing political stability. This is the best time to invest in real estate. Do not be discouraged by the fraud cases in the industry and avoid investing, Username Investment is A tradition of trust and we are here to deliver on that promise of issuing title deeds.”

Reuben called upon young people to seize affordable investment opportunities available this year, “I am excited to see young people like Patrick Kiprono, who at only 22 years, is a land- owner, already with a title deed.  A courageous move that has made him a property owner amidst speculations by the young in our country. This is a clear indication we are reaching out to the young generation with affordable properties to ensure that in case your source of income is unable to sustain your rent payment, you will still have a place you can call home.”

Patrick is among the youngest investors who has already invested with the company, he praises the company for reaching out to the young people with affordable properties with a flexible payment period of up to 12 months. This allowed him to invest in an asset that appreciates in value rather than wasting money at his age and having to rent for a longer time before having his own home.

“A title deed gives you the freedom to develop your land and gives you peace of mind knowing that it belongs to you. This goes a long way in reducing the conflicts that face young people when claiming ownership of their ancestral lands without any legal document. This is why issuing title deeds is very key to us as a company”.

According to 2017 Kenyan Justice Needs and Satisfaction Survey report, between 2.4 million to 2.8 million Kenyans encounter land related legal problems that lead to conflicts and ethnic tension. Majority of the affected are the young people who continually claim ownership of their ancestral lands back at home due to fear of unaffordable properties in the market.

Username holds Title Issuance Ceremonies on a regular basis. The aim of the ceremony is to bring together investors, issue them with title deeds and award them for choosing to invest with the trusted real estate company. The company delivers title deeds in a 3-6 months’ duration upon completion of payment.

Username Investment Ltd. presented their newest project, The Vantage- Naivasha during the title issuance ceremony. The project is conveniently located 11km from Naivasha town along Naivasha – Mai Mahiu – Nairobi road and only 75km from Nairobi. The land comes at the most affordable price of Kshs. 399,000. You can book the property with Kshs. 40,000 and pay the balance in 12 monthly instalments of Kshs. 27,500.


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