Paradise in Lake Victoria…Rusinga Island Lodge

Sheltered away from the bustle of the city traffics, crowds and endless hooting; ambulances sirens, police vehicles and insane matatu drivers is  Rusinga Island Lodge– All of a sudden, stillness, birds chirping, historic hub, and beautiful white sand hidden in a tranquil surrounding. Adisa Hudson whets your appetite for travel and shares on why your holiday resolution 2018 should see you experience the exquisite paradise in Western Kenya.

When we are talking of holidays in Kenya, some places are no doubt unheard of. We are mostly inclined to think of South Coast, North Coast, Maasai Mara just to mention a few.

Only known for its mouth-savoring delicacy, the Migingo saga and the giant uninvited guest–the water hyacinth– that is slowly killing the ecosystem, Lake Victoria has more to offer than best Tilapia, gigantic Nile perch and cruising surface for the sailing boats.

Situated in the unlikely of places, Rusinga Island Logde, a secluded and serene retreat facility settles on Rusinga Island in the renowned Lake Victoria– the world’s second largest freshwater lake and historic hub that served as an endpoint of many heroic explorers in Western region of Kenya. Located on the waterfront of the lake, Rusinga lodge is about 2KM from Mbita Island Club Pier and Tom Mboya Mausoleum while the Mbita Ferry Terminal is approximately 10 KM from the premises.

Nominated by World Travel Awards amongst the most prestigious “Private Island Resorts in Africa” 5 times in a row, the lodge is a dream destination for those who value privacy. This lodge can be families get away, romantic destination or a bush adventure. Whatever you want to do, that special Rusinga Lodge vibe will get under your skin and make a holiday worth remembering.

With only 11 rooms feature, thoughtful antique and touches at the water front, Rusinga Island Lodge is a sure bet to spend your money on holiday. The rooms boast of Free WiFi, articulately furnished balconies and patios with satellite channels.

Not only will you get to enjoy Western cuisine and Continental breakfast but on a good day of fishing, you will be allowed to fish along the shores and prepare your delicacy at the stand by kitchen. Rusinga Lodge features a winery, full-service spa, an outdoor swimming pool and a well maintained private beach.

Activities in the Lodge


On a cool evening with sunset orange reflection forming on the waters, the residents are guided to go trolling for the Nile perch or casting for Tilapia in the lake. Your catch becomes your delicacy!

With six equipped fishing boats in the premises, the experienced and comic boat crew captains will make the trolling worthwhile.


Bird watching and Ruma National park visit

Sundowners on the jetty, Safaris to the nearby Ruma National Park, sightseeing, bird watching and exploring will blow your mind. Within the larger Ruma National Park, exotic bird chirps is one of the biggest attractions beside the endangered roan antelope whose main habitat is the park.  The  bird species housed in the park promises a soothing blend of music that calms the soul of men; dusk and dawn chirrups of the bird is something to look forward too . A setting defined by riverine and undulating Woodland Savannah and outstanding escarpments; the Park guarantees unexplored wildlife treasure and uninterrupted tranquility.

Found on the floor of seasonally watered Lambwe River valley, Ruma National Park offers an exceptional birdlife.

Hiking and bikes riding and water sporting

During those leisurely afternoon, biking and hiking within the island provides a brilliant opportunity to keep fit as one interacts with nature. You sure do not want to miss such fun! The children will be thrilled about it.

Water sports like skiing, tubing, banana, kayaking are just but a few options to be explored.

Spa Services

At Rusinga Lodge, it is not just about the food, executive accommodation, the beach and fun but also the physical nurturing by professional masseurs. The spa offers a myriad of massage package that will live one refreshed and relaxed during the stay.

Banqueting and Wedding Location

Are you looking forward to getting married soon? Well, if you love the beach and the lush green garden overlooking the water, there goes your cue.

The lodge offers exquisite garden for wedding and memorable grounds for your lovely photo shoot!

Accommodation and Charges

As they say, good things come with a price tag and so is the facility. The charge for a given suite is Ksh 32000 per couple or two adults sharing per night. A single adult will have to part with Ksh 22,000 per night and an additional Ksh 6,000 for kids. The charges consist of full-board package and any complimentary services that could be on offer at a given time.

Travel and Access

Rusianga Island Lodge can be accessed by a private air charter, road or scheduled flights to Kisumu Airport.

When using the road from Kisumu city, that should be an adventurous 3-hour drive and ferry ride to the lodge. However, scheduled flights can be organized from Kisumu or a Charter from Maasai Mara.

What to take with you

As you plan for a secluded holiday gateway this year; a visit to this private retreat is a name you should consider.

Remember to pack the few essentials in your travel pack.

  • Footwear like the ordinary sandals or Masaai to protect your feet from the reefs
  • T-shirts and shorts; light clothes is important because of the heat levels and good while biking.
  • Swimsuit is a must carry
  • Carry a good Camera for photography and capturing memories
  • Tag your friend along; the many you are, the merrier it gets!

Fact File

Rusinga Island Lodge is run by a team of professional hoteliers who have good guest relations and promise a memorable stay.

The lodge is operational all year with beautiful climate that will make local discoveries and activities pleasurable all the time. However, the onset of rainy season in April towards May prohibit certain outdoor activities.